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Welcome to Swiss 5 Stars Hospitality Services
“What happens if you train people, and they leave?  What happens if you don’t train them, and they stay?”

What do we do?
We will train your staff to become in no time a professional, organized and efficient staff member using professional training methods acquired with our over 35 years hospitality experience.
Staff will learn the hospitality business essentials skills, etiquette, manners and their job functions chronological and professional. With our professional Training, they will learn the necessary skills required to work in any level of Service

Where will be conducting our Training?
The Training will be at our Campus, but if you wish also at your place to reduce costs and Time

The cost of self- Staff Training
The cost of training new staff is high. The actual dollars spent on training staff, extra staff needed in the beginning to be working along beginners to handle the volume, and the time needed to install the necessary knowledge and skills to retain customers, are very costly. Train your new staff in front of your customers usually results in poor service which leads to lost business.
Labor cost can achieve over 40 % of sales return especially when training new staff
The biggest challenges for restaurants operations is recruiting, keeping high-quality service and high staff turnover
Usually, the staff is young and inexperienced and is only doing this job as stepping stone to another career
Creating and maintaining internal training are expensive and most of the time lack of time or inappropriate timing

Why do we recommend our Training?
Most restaurant operations use training manuals that are handed out to new employees. The manuals are too long and most employees don’t read them entirely, and even if they do, their content often is not understood because it contains too many unnecessary information. The new staff start their shift and are instructed to follow someone around for a shift maybe two, then have to work on their own. Gradually, over the next 1 to 3 months they will learn how the service cycle and customer service work. Is this an effective way to train?
Not really, since those first 3 months are lost value.

What are the benefits of our Training?

  • You can be assured your staff has the essential knowledge needed to best serve your Guests.

  • Have newly hired staff become effective in their jobs in days, not in months.

  • Increase your staff's overall service level and professionalism.

  • You don't need to assume the staff knows how to do their job or interact with your guests because thanks to our training they will do.

  • New staff will be motivated to learn and gain personal confidence and the respect of management and their peers.

  • They will improve their professional's Sales Skills and therefore increase your daily Revenue.

  • They will quickly learn and put to use the essential skills, active behavior and service tricks from day one.

... and much more

The Result?
The result will be a high-powered staff with service levels exceeding your expectations and most importantly, the expectations of your guests.

What is the Cost?
Our Training Costs are affordable and can be purchased in quantity or individually and by role. To get estimate costs, please call or contact us today, we will advise you on the best package for your needs and will provide individual prices.

Are you interest in learning more about our services?
Call or Contact us today, there's no cost or obligation of any kind.
Once you take this step the answer will follow!

Yes, we can help you!

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